My Purpose

I have written three books. The first one, “From Chrysalis to Butterfly” under the pen name of Anna Delves helps people to understand who I am and what I can do to help them in a comprehensive way. It has helped many thousands of people already because my story is your story in different clothing.

The second book, “A Memory Returned” tells of my story around 2008 to 2011 starting with profound revelations from my deceased son and culminating in a trip to Peru which turned out to be of major planetary significance. It is a very enlightening read for those who are ready for such depths of understanding. An important and much updated edition will be available from September 2024.

The third book, “The Alpha and the Omega” written under my own name, published by Clairview books in 2023, is a culmination of insights from all the guests who have graced the retreat since 2007. It describes how consciousness began from before the Big Bang right through to the present day. It is written in two halves, the first describing the days before individual consciousness and the second half opening up to the truth of the second coming of the Christ consciousness and why it is being remembered now.

All three books are available from Cygnus books, Amazon, any leading book store and myself. The second two books are also available directly from Clairview.

The purpose in my opening up Hillhouse Farm to the public is to allow it to share its many qualities with anyone who needs them. The voluntary contributions that I receive for accommodation, personal healing, or any other service offered to my visitors at the farm, will all go towards improving the facilities that I have and to paying the bills. I trust that the highest good will prevail at all times.