About Louisa

I have the ability to see the “bigger picture” surrounding people. Sometimes this can be very helpful when you are wondering why you react in certain ways in certain situations and why friends/family are treating you in certain ways. Our past lives impact on us emotionally to a very high degree, until we are brave enough to open up and deal with it.

I have now found a freedom from all that was trapped inside me and my sole/soul wish is to help other people find their own freedom and to continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom as I do so.

My eldest son died a few years ago but through our continuing close connection I have received revelations that have expanded my consciousness and helped me heal beyond anything I could have possibly dreamed. He will also help you during his stay, if he can.

I have been a channel for healing for most of my adult life. During that time I have gained much experience through all that the universe has thrown at me. The healing you receive through me may not be what you expect but it will always be what you need and your life path will be enriched because of it.

A powerful white light that I first became aware of several years ago is constantly resident on the farm and grows ever purer as my guests and I evolve. Sometimes it concentrates when we are having a gathering and it helps us heal and understand many difficult issues. We gather on the first Sunday of every month and all who feel drawn are welcome. It is an unstructured event run by ‘the highest of the high’. The light also helps all those who are visiting whenever they ask.

Should you decide you would like to visit the retreat you will be met and helped with the same unconditional love that the universe showers on me. This is the gift which the universe wishes me to share with all my fellow creatures and it is my joy to do so.